Policies and Procedures

Word travels fast…
Supercare has developed a reputation on the street for being a considerate and fair employer – a status we’re proud of and determined to maintain. This results in Ian regularly receiving calls from cleaning staff wanting to be part of the Supercare team – and means we have a ready ‘waiting list’ of potential people to choose from when we need to boost our team numbers.

Policies and Procedure:

Providing assurance of ongoing delivery to your requirements starts with knowing that your cleaning provider has the right policies and procedures in place to manage staff well. A good employer will approach this from a number of angles, starting with sound recruitment, induction and training processes and practices.

Then, to get the best out of each team member, there must be a sound approach to ensure that he or she is supported, coached and incentivised to perform well. And, of course, to be able to address a situation where things aren’t going well, there must be structured processes to respond to any performance issues. As any employer knows, it’s no mean feat to get it all right!

We are very aware that we are only as good as our staff on the ground – our cleaning team is the most crucial part of our business. Only by attracting and maintaining the best staff can we produce the quality and consistency to which we aspire. It is our aim to be the ‘Employer of Choice’ for those working in our industry – and we reckon we’re doing a pretty good job of it!