Why Choose Us?

As you look at selecting a new cleaning services provider you’ll no doubt be thinking about what’s really important in your cleaning service and how you can differentiate one provider from the next. In many ways a cleaner is a cleaner, is a cleaner … so how do you choose which cleaning provider is right for you?

Relevant experience in similar environments will be important. Price will also be a driver, but we’re pretty sure that the various prices you’re presented with will largely be much of a muchness. So what else makes a difference? In our opinion, it’s service. And at Supercare, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure our service is above that of our competitors.

Our Experience

Selecting a cleaning partner with experience in providing similar services in similar environments to yours will be a key consideration for you. This will give you assurance that your cleaners know what it takes to deliver high quality services on sites of your size, with no disruption to your business.

Since commencing business in New Zealand in May 2008, Supercare has steadily grown a committed customer base – in Wellington and at other key locations across New Zealand (see map to the right).

We offer a full range of services including office cleaning, school cleaning, common area cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor buffing and resealing, window cleaning, water blasting and exterior cleaning, special and one off cleans. We can provide most property-related services either directly or through our strategic business partners.

A small selection of our customers is provided below and overleaf, to give you a feel for the range of our customers and services. Our customer base includes high-profile public facilities; international specialist sectors; household brands; and social care providers.

Where we make a difference

The cleaning service you require is very similar to that which we provide for many customers. Through this work we’ve developed a service delivery model which makes our customers’ lives easier. There are a few things in our approach that make a difference to the service you will receive if you choose Supercare as your cleaning partner. These include:

«  A truly personalised service. Our first priority will be to get to know you and really understand what’s important to you and your staff. From there we will plan to deliver a service that best meets your needs, with no disruption to your operations and with high levels of reliability and responsiveness.

«  A focus on building relationships and maintaining proactive communication. Through the start-up process outlined above you’ll be dealing directly with our company owner and Managing Director, Ian Kebbell and our Team Leaders. These are the same people who will work with you throughout the course of the contract to maintain a first-hand understanding of your needs and quickly address any potential issues.

«  One Stop Shop cleaning and hygiene services. While many companies will subcontract hygiene services to a third party, our service delivery includes these critical areas. By using our specialist in-house team for hygiene services such as sanitary disposal and deep cleans, you can be assured of a consistent quality and service standard across all aspects of your cleaning requirements. And, further extending our One Stop Shop service, we have people in key locations across New Zealand to meet our customers’ needs across multiple sites and geographic locations.

«  Dedicated cleaners who are valued as part of the Supercare team.  We know we’re only as good as our frontline teams who work at our customers’ sites every day. To make sure you get the best service from your assigned cleaning team we put a lot of effort into selecting people and building teams who care as much as our management team does about the service you receive. Our company philosophies and practices support this by paying our staff above industry norms, putting effort into making our cleaners feel a valued part of a team, and by actively rewarding good performance.

The Supercare difference

So what difference does this all make to you? Our approach will provide you with a fuss-free, reliable and trustworthy service which allows you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your cleaners will be there on time to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment. If issues do arise (and let’s face it, from time to time there will inevitably be things that could be done differently), you’ll have the ready ear of Ian and our Team Leaders who have the authority, nous and commitment to quickly put things right. We’d love the opportunity to provide you with cleaning services ‘the Supercare way’. We look forward to further discussing how we can help you.