Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to minimising impacts on the environment through the activities of our business (and that of our customers) is reflected in our own environmental policy. This states that we will:

  • Remain aware of and comply with all requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Actively look for and implement opportunities to protect the environment, save energy and reduce waste
  • Consider the impact of our processes and products on the environment and select those with minimal impacts (while still being effective)
  • Have established procedures to safely dispose of trade waste in the correct manner and recycle solid waste wherever possible
  • Educate our staff so they understand our environmental policy and the part they play in minimising impacts on the environment, and training them in efficient, hygienic and environmentally sustainable cleaning practices
  • Ensure our staff understand the hazards and care procedures associated with the specific chemicals and products that they use
  • Have appropriate emergency procedures in place to deal with spills, leaks or other situations that may negatively impact the environment
  • Investigate and report to our customers (and any government agencies where required) on areas of environmental concern or any mishaps or accidents.


As part of our sustainability programme, we practice the following:

Waste minimisation: We use eco-friendly micro-fibre cloths which are laundered regularly in our own commercial laundry.

Minimal chemical use: The organic Bio-Zyme cleaning products we use (see page 6) are ecologically friendly and easy on the environment.

Energy conservation: We actively try to reduce our (and your) energy consumption. This includes using only modern, efficient and regularly serviced equipment.

Minimising vehicle emissions: we have a modern fleet of vehicles and keep them regularly serviced to ensure we minimise vehicle emissions.