Meet the Team

To provide you with reliable, responsive and personalised service requires a team of committed, experienced people – at the management level as well as with the cleaners who will service your daily needs.

As a tight-knit company Supercare puts a lot of effort into maintaining a company culture where each of our staff members takes personal ownership of our business responsibilities – and understands the key part they play in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.  When you deal with us, you’ll see this commitment at every level.

Your account management team

You will benefit from dealing directly with our senior management team who all have extensive industry experience:

Ian Kebbell – Owner and Managing Director
Milan Desai – Auckland Area Manager
Troy Morrell – Wellington Service Delivery Manager.
Together, these key staff form a responsive, decisive team who are proactive in maintaining open communication with our customers to ensure we maintain service delivery which meets your needs.

The experience and background of our key personnel is outlined below:


Ian Kebbell

Ian Kebbell

Managing Director and Owner

Ian holds personal responsibility and accountability for ensuring your specific needs are met. Working closely with our team, Ian ensures we are continually meeting your expectations. He is readily available to your company – at any time – to promptly and decisively address any issues.

Alongside running Supercare, Ian manages his own facilities and properties, runs body corporates and maintains hands-on dealings with tenants. Prior to this work, he worked as a Business Unit Manager in corporate environments. Ian’s experience gives him a first-hand insight and understanding of our customers’ needs and service expectations.

His appreciation of what it takes to ‘make a difference’ is the main reason he took over the ownership of Supercare – and it’s what drives him to really take the time to understand each customer’s unique requirements and provide a superior service.

Troy Morrell

Troy Morrell

Wellington Service Delivery Manager

Troy is responsible for the management of our service delivery across the Wellington Area. From his 10 years’ experience in commercial cleaning management, Troy has a proven track record in building strong relationships with his teams and with clients. He is also skilled in reporting, audits, KPIs, equipment maintenance, and health and safety.

A focused manager who leads teams to deliver excellence in cleaning service, Troy will ensure ongoing commitment to meeting your objectives for quality assurance, health and safety, and budget.

Qualifications: NZIM Certificate in Small Business Management 1,2 & 3 core units (NZ Institute of Management); Diploma in Applied Science (L5, E.I.T); Certificate in Small Business Management Level 2 (Open Polytechnic of NZ); First Aid Certificate (NZ Red Cross, expires 17.01.2019); Qualified to complete test and tag for electrical appliances (Metro Test, expires 23.03.2019 ).

A cleaning team selected to meet your specific needs

As your new cleaning providers, we will put a lot of effort into working with you ahead of contract start to fully come to grips with your requirements. As part of our mobilisation procedures we will work closely with you to understand the ins and outs of your site, and agree the best team of cleaners to meet your needs.

The cleaners we allocate to your site will be permanently assigned to your contract. This means they will become very familiar with the site and your requirements, to most effectively deliver on your cleaning needs.

While our team is experienced and skilled in the basics of all required cleaning activities, we have both Team Leaders involved in coaching the team, and providing site-specific inductions. This will include activities such as a walk around the premises with your nominated representative, a walk through all specifications, identifying hazards, evacuation plans and assembly points, AED units if on-site, no-go areas, site specific requirements, location of facilities and any other items you would like to include.

To provide continuity of service in the event of any team absences, we will also fully familiarise one or two other cleaners from our pool of full and part-time staff with your site and needs. Cover for absences, and for additional work as required, is resourced through our broader pool of staff. In our key areas, we also have vans on the road each evening so we can ‘float’ cleaners to sites as needed, should issues occur.