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Workplace Health Monitoring for your Most Important Asset

H&S obligations extend beyond ‘safety’

Many businesses recognise that their staff are their most important asset – but taking care of your people calls for more than just providing a health and safety system, hazard assessment and personal protective equipment. Measuring and ongoing monitoring of critical health measures such as hearing, lung and HAVs (Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome) can help to detect and prevent further harm to your employees’ health.

Staff Wellness and Health Monitoring – it’s Our Business!

A NEW service in New Zealand

Using our purpose-built mobile clinic and trained technicians, Peoplecare offers a convenient and affordable on-site health screening service which minimises downtime.

(Up until now, this type of service has only been widely available in New Zealand by staff leaving their work premises to visit a health monitoring clinic). Because we visit your site with our mobile clinic, and consultations per employee are usually less than 20 minutes, there’s minimal productivity impact or disruption to your business.

It’s Easy and Cost-effective

Peoplecare provides all the equipment and a summary report outlining any recommendations or referrals for further treatment. (All data records are stored securely in line with regulatory requirements.) We can also arrange for a call-back day to cover staff who were absent during our first visit, and schedule annual follow-ups.

Consultations start from $40.00 per employee (based on a hearing test and a minimum of 5 employees per visit).

Hearing Tests – in Our Sound-proof Booth

All employees who work in a noisy environment must be provided with suitable hearing protection. To monitor its effectiveness or any hearing loss, they should also be provided with a hearing test. We make this easy by providing on-site hearing tests in our purpose-built mobile clinic.

After completing a questionnaire, including a full medical history and previous workplace or other noise exposure, we conduct a screening test in our sound-proofed booth. This provides an accurate measurement (unlike tests carried out in noisier environments). The results are discussed with the employee, and any problems referred on to a medical specialist.

If your employees have to raise their voices or have difficulty in being heard clearly by someone about 2 metres away or find it difficult to talk to each other you may have a noise problem at your workplace.

The good news is that early detection and monitoring can help to prevent further occupational hearing loss. After our initial visit, we’ll work with you to set up a series of programmed visits which are customised to your employees and workplace.


Lung Function Tests

To monitor health problems caused by workplace dust or fumes (e.g. asthma, breathing problems, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Peoplecare’s fully-trained technicians conduct on-site spirometry tests for your employees. We’ll collate the data and provide a summary report, including any referral recommendations.

Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs)

Hand-arm vibration syndrome can cause changes in touch sensitivity, permanent muscle weakness, numbness of fingers, or ‘white finger’ caused by working with vibrating tools.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also a recognised symptom – but if detected early enough, changes to work practices may prevent mild symptoms from getting worse and eventually becoming a disability. 

To check for HAVs, we help your employee to complete a questionnaire, including a full history of medical problems and previous vibration exposure in work or elsewhere. We’ll then give them practical advice on how to reduce the hazards associated with vibration injury and the signs/symptoms to look out for.

For any employee displaying signs or reporting symptoms which may be related to vibration injury we recommend they see a suitably qualified Occupational Nurse/Doctor.

“We have engaged Peoplecare and their Mobile Screening services to suit our labour hire industry (a lot of workers, across many site locations). The fact that Peoplecare can go to our range of sites in various locations, park outside & screen our workers with minimum downtime is a huge plus for us. Having an on-site soundproof booth for the hearing screening is something other testers have not been able to facilitate in the past in the Wellington Region. Peoplecare’s service has eliminated a roadblock for us in terms of finding a space on site, or having our workers leave site to get screened and we can now move forward with our screening process with confidence. We have some language barrier issues with our workforce in which Peoplecare have remained patient and professional and we are collaborative working towards a resolution to this moving forward which will not only benefit us but continue to benefit Peoplecare’s client base.”

Kit Quin

Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Rob Law Max

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